Ultimate Mass Workout

10 Workouts that are made to maximize muscle growth. I have used these myself over the last 3 months to add mass and depth.

  • 2 workouts per body part - Volume and Intense
  • Each workout can be repeated
  • Videos for exercises
  • Track your workouts in the AFLETE App

GBP 15.00 / USD 21.00 / EUR 17.00


Shred with Andrei - V2

My exact training and diet plan I used for my last competition to get shredded.

  • 12 Week Training Plan that gets harder as you progress
  • 7 workouts a week, training every body part! (hitting chest, back, arms, legs & shoulders & traps)
  • Cardio routine – includes fasted workout, post workout cardio and abs!
  • Detailed with supersets, dropsets and failures to get shredded
  • Diet plan breaking down macros for each meal
  • List of supplements – from pre-workout, intra workout, post workout (whey, creatine, BCAA, glutamine) all detailed.
  • Videos of exercises
  • Track all your training with the AFLETE APP

GBP 24.99 / EUR 28.99 / USD 30.99


Lean Bulk Workout

My bulking training and diet plan. I have used this to grow my physique over the 5 years. I believe in power and volume training per body part.

  • 9 day split, that focuses on power and volume per body part that last 8 weeks
  • The right combination of sets and reps to maximise gains!
  • Diet plan that focuses on eating a lot of right foods to help you lean bulk! (macros included)
  • List of supplements for lean bulking – from pre-workout, intra workout, post workout (whey, creatine, BCAA, glutamine) all detailed.
  • Videos of me showing you right technique for most difficult exercises
  • Track all your training in the AFLETE App

GBP 19.99 / EUR 23.99 / USD 26.99



Are you a personal trainer?

Yes I am Qualified Personal trainer and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Are these your actual training plans?

Yes - All my plans are based on my exact training methods that helped me reach my physique today.

How do I receive the workout plan?

All my workouts come inside the Aflete App. A lot of personal trainers sell PDF / Excel documents. My workouts come complete with tracking, videos for most exercises, notes and so much more.

Can I do the plans at home?

All my plans are gym based.


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